Making Lemon-"aide" out of Lemons

To say recent events are devastating to small businesses is an understatement.

I've seen friends having to let go of beloved staff, applying for loans, and pondering what their next move is for their business.

I've always been an optimist, a big believer that there's always a silver lining, but it's hard right now. How do you promote a business that's doors are shut? How do you sell product & services when your business is closed? When the ONLY thing people are talking about ALLOVER Social Media & the News is the Coronavirus what do you do? Well, how about by making a little lemon-"aide" out of lemons?

Last week I saw a news segment on a fabric store in Angier, NC. called "Sew There! Quilts and More" and the folks who run it are sewing face mask to donate to the doctors and nurses at WakeMed in Raleigh. Now I live in Angier, and I've probably driven by this business a hundred times and never really noticed it, but I will now.

I saw where a local distillery called Broad Slab Distillery that is known for their amazingly smooth moonshine is now making hand sanitizer due to the shortage. Guess what I'm buying on my next trip to the ABC Store?

These gestures of kindness during a time of crisis speaks volumes about your business and how you contribute to your community, not to mention is just plain good for the soul!

So when a client of mine said, "Our rental RV's are just collecting dust, do you think some of the medical professionals who have to be quarantined from their families may have use for them" my response was HELL YES!

Kerr Lake RV Rentals & Repairs is a fairly new business. Spring is the kickoff of their busy season, but with the parks shut down and folks unable to travel there was obviously no business coming in. So we made a simple post on Facebook, offering to loan out their units for free to any healthcare hero who is in need within 50 miles from their shop so that the guys would be able to service them (emptying tanks, etc.). That one post to date has been shared 551 times, with 4875 engagement, Liked 208 times, and reached 54,269 people.

The phone has been ringing off the hook non-stop. Not only did their generous gesture help several families in need, they were able to promote their business, pick up some new business, gain some Facebook followers and solidify their place in their community.

My point is all hope is not lost! This virus will pass and your actions now can not only help others in need, but help your business once the storm is over.

Stay strong, we're all in this together.

- Cristy

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