Day One...

What an exciting and scary time. Taking the leap from a paying 9-5 job into the world of small business ownership is a big risk, but with great risk can come great rewards. The sense of relief of not having to dread driving an hour in traffic and being stuck in a cubicle for 8 hrs. while the world passes me by is incredible. The extra time spent with Finlee (my 2yr. old daughter) is invaluable.

I had a very productive morning at one of my favorite coffee and pastry shops, Stick Boy Bread Co. located in Fuquay-Varina, NC. In the first two hours I booked 9 small businesses for my "Small Business Spotlight" Segments. This is when I go to an establishment, film a short introduction and bio on the company/business owner and tour of the business. I do this for FREE because A. its a great way to meet local small businesses in the area who may be in need of my services. B. It provides content for my social media outlets as well as the business owners. C. It showcases the work I am able to do. D. It help promotes my business and the business owners services/products....It's a win win for everyone.

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